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About Mainely Sea Glass and Artist Beth Frechette

Hi! And welcome to my website, Mainely Sea Glass!  I’m Beth Frechette, a home based sea glass jewelry artisan. Years ago, my kids were the first in the family to begin finding these strange, frosty bits of glass at the ocean. I’d never seen them before, and I was fascinated! Over time, we accumulated enough so we began to wonder what the heck to do with it! I really wanted to make some jewelry.


Originally, I learned to drill the sea glass, and made some simple, pretty necklaces and earrings with it. I began selling to family and friends, and attending some local craft fairs. But I really wanted to know how to set the glass in bezels, as I’d seen on other artist’s sites. I love the clean simple lines of bezel set sea glass. I wanted as much of the glass to show as possible. After much research, tutorials, trial and error, and mistakes, I learned to do some basic soldering. Over time, it has become my passion!  I love taking these frosty little gems and transforming them into beautiful, wearable art!

Beth Frechette

Links and Resources from Mainely Sea Glass


I am a proud member of Maine Made, check out my profile.


The Sea Glass Journal - an online resource magazine for sea glass collectors containing information and articles for how-to beachcombing tips, identifing shard origins, and craft ideas using your sea glass collection.


Proud Member of The North American Sea Glass Association - this organization intends to educate the collector, consumer and retailer as to the properties and benefits of genuine, pure, natural beach sea glass. Provide a forum and knowledge base for sea glass enthusiasts to communicate with other individuals who share their passion for genuine beach sea glass and more.


Pure SEA GLASS - is an incredible reference for any coastal enthusiast. More than 200 elegant images by photographer Celia Pearson present some of the best sea glass ever collected, along with samples of the classical glassware that is often its source. Author Richard LaMotte provides tremendous detail on all aspects of identifying sea glass, its historical significance, ways to assess rarity, and the most advantageous locations and times to search for it.


The Town of Harrison, Maine - Where I live and work.

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